Social Work in Transition - SOWIT


On this page we give only publications in English. For the publications in Dutch, you can look at

We make an exception for two books, published as a result of the SOWEDO-project (2007-2010) and the follow up:

Peeters, J. (ed.) (2010). Een veerkrachtige samenleving. Sociaal werk en duurzame ontwikkeling [A resilient society. Social work and sustainable development]. Berchem: EPO, 424 p. ISBN: 978-90-6455-653-4
To give an idea of the scope of the book, you can download the translated table of content.

Peeters, J. (ed.) (2015). Veerkracht en burgerschap. Sociaal werk in transitie [Resilience and citizenship. Social work in transition]. Berchem: EPO, 350 p. ISBN 978 94 6267 044 0
Here you will find the translated table of content.

Peeters, J. (2017). Promoting sustainability by a paradigm shift towards commons. In M. Rinkel & M. Powers (eds.), Social Work Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability: A Workbook for Global Social Workers and Educators (Chapter 11, 146-160). The International Federation of Social Workers.

Peeters, J. (2017). Thinking about Commons: A post-capitalist perspective for social work. In A-L. Matthies & K. Närhi (eds.), The Ecosocial Transition of Societies: The contribution of social work and social policy (71-88). Abingdon: Routledge.

Peeters, J. (2016). Empowerment, resilience and social capital: building blocks for a sustainability transition. In J. McKinnon & M. Alston (eds.), Ecological social work: Towards sustainability (197-217). London: Palgrave MacMillan.

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Peeters, J. (2015).Towards social-ecological practice: social work and the sustainability transition. In M. Cattelain & V. de Moriamé (dir.), De l’indignation à l’action: modes actuels d’action et de mobilisation sociale, Charleroi: Éditions de l’Université Ouverte, 57-74. ISBN: 2-87306-124-3

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