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International book project
Ecological Social Work: Towards Sustainability

Some of the first ideas for a new international oriented book on the relationship between social work and sustainable development are developed in 2012 during the contacts of Jef Peeters with Aila-Leena Matthies and Kati Närhi (University of Jyväkylä, Finland), e.g. Erasmus TM in Kokkola; Joint World Conference in Stockholm (see International exchange). The creation of an international network on eco-social work provided opportunities to broaden the intent. Moreover, some Australian authors made plans for a book on the same issue.

Jennifer McKinnon (Charles Sturt University, Australia) and Margaret Alston (Monash University, Australia) were willing to take up the role of editor and to prepare a book proposal for a publisher. There were more authors invited to contribute (from Finland, Belgium, Australia, India, Canada, USA, Ghana). Abstracts were written till the end of 2012. And after an international peer review we got a contract with Palgrave-Macmillan in the autumn of 2013. The book will appear in late 2015.

The purpose of the book is to redefine both theory and practice of social work from the point of view of the actual social-ecological crisis.

The book will consist of sixteen chapters within three parts:
  • Defining and theorising ecological social work
  • Developing ecological social work practice
  • Integrated frameworks for social, economic and environmental justice

From SOWIT - Leuven University College we contribute with the following chapters:
  • Building sustainable urban communities – Joke Vandenabeele (KULeuven), Katrien van Poeck (LNE) en Jef Peeters
  • Social impact assessment for social workers – Peter Raymaekers
  • A safe and just space for humanity: the need for a new concept of well-being – Jef Peeters
  • Empowerment, social capital and resilience: building blocks for a sustainability transition – Jef Peeters

You will find more content in the abstracts.