Social Work in Transition - SOWIT

International exchange

SOWIT tries to spread internationally the ideas resulting from its research through participation to activities of all kinds: congresses, Erasmus Teacher Mobility, guest lectures, etc.

May, 18-21, 2015
International symposium of Ecosocial transition in society: Research on the contribution of social work and social policy
University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
Lecture of Jef Peeters: 'Thinking about Commons: A post-capitalist perspective for social work'.
The symposium is a step in the preparation of a new book.

23-03 to 4-04-2014
Antwerp, Belgium
Multi-disciplinary Intensive Programme (Erasmus): Wellbeing and Economic Growth
Social work students and business students are combined to reflect on the nature of wellbeing and its relationship - positive or negative - with economic growth from a perspective on a just and sustainable society.

Karel de Grote University College, Antwerp organizes the project.

The other partners are:
University of Jyväskylä (Finland)
Linnaeus University - Kalmar (Sweden)
University of Economics - Varna (Bulgaria)
Universitat Ramon Llull - Barcelona (Spain)
Katholische Hochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen - Aachen (Germany)
Leuven University College, departments Echo (business) and Social Work (Belgium)

Preparatory meeting, Antwerpen 20 to 21-11-2013
Participation from Leuven: Rudy Dhont (Echo); Bram Roosens and Jef Peeters (Social Work).

During the IP, Bram Roosens and Jef Peeters will coach the following working group of students:
The society-model for allocation of goods to meet the needs of the current and the future generations (cf. definition of sustainable development). We will look for a more just society, thus for answers to the question of (un)equality (cf. Wilkinson and Pickett). Topics may be: policy of distribution of work and income, minimum income, basic income, complementary ways of valuation,  democratic decision-making process, social policy and governance, the role of culture and leadership, shaping just transition, the roles of civil society, state and market, contraction and convergence in a perspective of global justice…

Jef Peeters will give a lecture on social work and sustainable development.

First European Conference on Citizen Initiatives for Global Solidarity: 
Mobilising European Citizens for Global Development
Brussels, 30 to 31-02-2014
Participation: Elke Plovie and Jef Peeters

Visit of Anna Rubio Lind (Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden), colleague of the international network about eco-social work; partner in IP.

Jef Peeters: Guest lecture (via internet) 'Social-ecological work and sustainable living', Social Work and Sustainable Development course, Master Social Work, University of Gävle, Sweden.

Jef Peeters: Guest talk with discussion (via internet) about 'Social work and sustainable development: a social-ecological approach': School of Social Work, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada .

21 to 24-10-2013
Visit (Erasmus TM) of Prof. Dr. Aila-Leena Matthies and Dr. Kati Närhi, University of Jyväskylä(Finland), partners in the international network about eco-social work; partners in IP.

Head lines of programme:
21-10: General College Kati Närhi: Eco-social approach as a framework for structural social work
Research Seminar: The Importance of Action Research for Social Work. Introduction with an illustration of a Finnish and a Flemish example of Action Research, followed by Discussion and further exchange - Contributions of Matthies & Närhi; Elke Plovie &Gunter Gehre
General College A-L. MatthiesSocial work in Finland and the European context
Field visits with eco-social perspective: Leren Ondernemen, Spit, Velo, Wonen en Werken
Learning Network SOWEDO: lecture A-L. Matthies: Eco-social approach as a framework for structural social work; discussion.

Meeting in Leuven of Jef Peeters with Pinchas Gerber, adjunct  professor of social work at Haifa University in Israel, about the social-ecological approach of social work.

IP SoS! - Social work and Sustainability, Antwerp, Belgium.
Org. Thomas More University College, department social work.
Jef Peeters was a member of the jury of the final papers and presentations by the participating students (Eco-house, Antwerp).

25-02 tot 1-03-2013:
Jef Peeters: Erasmus TM to Mykola Romeris University, Department of Social Work, Vilnius (Lithuania) 
Lectures (6h): ‘Sustainable Development and Social Work’

Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development: Action and Impact 
Stockholm, 08 to 12-07-2012.

Contribution Jef Peeters:
  • reviewing of ca. 50 abstracts (feb-ma)
  • participation on invitation with grant of Grundtvig.
  • 10-7: moderation discussion group about social work and sustainable development during Network meeting; co-founding international network about eco-social work.
  • 11-7: chair workshop  ‘Volunteerism and social action’ 

Symposium ‘From Indignation to Action: Current modes of action for social mobilisation’ 
CIFoP, Charleroi 23-24 mei 2012.
Lecture Jef Peeters: ‘Towards social-ecological practice. Social work and the sustainability transition’  with panel discussion.

26-03 tot 29-03-2012:
Participation of Jef Peeters (via Erasmus TM) to an 'International week' of  Adult Life Long Learning in Social Work (ALLISW) – A European Network for Social Work as Adult Education and Blended Learning. Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius (Social Work, Prof. Aila-Leena Matthies, University of Jyväskylä), Finland.
Lectures with seminars by an international group of teachers, and on line (adobe connect) participation of an international group of work students.
Contribution of Jef Peeters: Sustainable Development and Social Work

2nd ENSACT Joint European Conference 
'Social Action in Europe: Sustainable social development and economic challenges'

Brussels, 10-13 april, 2011.
Keynote lecture (text) by Jef Peeters: Social sustainable development and social work (ppt) (11-04)

Jef Peeters: guest lecture: ‘The social dimension of sustainable development’
IP SoS! - Social Work and sustainability, KATHO, Department IPSOC, Kortrijk, Belgium.

Jef Peeters: guest lecture 'Social work and sustainable development', Social Europe Days, Department of Social Work, Leuven University College.

Jef Peeters: guest seminar 'Social work and sustainable development', International University Week, Department of Social Work, Leuven University College (location: castle of Wijgmaal).

1st ENSACT Joint European Conference 
'Social action in Europe: different legacies & common challenges' 

Dubrovnik, 26-29 april, 2009.
Workshop contribution of Jef Peeters:  ‘Orientation of social work on sustainable development’ (28-04)